Report from YMCA Kosovo


Af: Dorina Lluka-Davies, CEO, YMCA in Kosovo

Implemented activities for camp building process We have organized through this time different activities listed below:

Camp program developmentThe team that is developing the camp project worked for 2 days in February in YMCA center and finalized in details about all camp programs that our YMCA will deliver the first year when YMCA camp is open. We have developed different camps for the YMCA youth and the rest is open for other organizations.

2. YMCA scouts program launched

We have open our scout group and started scout activities in Gjakova and we have design also the first ever YMCA Scouts uniforms. Their activities will be send to the YMCA camp once it is finished. For the moment we have around 40 youth involved in this program.

3. Children spring camp organized

We have organized in YMCA center children spring camp and we are hoping once the camp is finished we can send children to YMCA camp. Most of the children come from very poor families and by delivering this program we offer a space for them the come and learn new things.

4. Training of staff for camp in YMCA England

We have started since last year to send staff to train and prepare for camp leadership roles. Last year we send Ms. Era Ferizi this year we send Mr. Dardan Hoti and Ms. Flaka Sahatqija. They are all being train to work and deliver camp activities in Kosovo once the camp is open.

5. Ys Men Gjakova starting to form

With a support of Mr. Arne Nielsen and Mr. Poul Thomsen we have started the initiative to start Ys Men Club in Gjakova

6. Ys Men Denmark visit

Mr. Paul Thomsen and Mr. Arne Nielsen visited our YMCA. Through this visit they met young people, children, our charity shop and Ys Men friends who want to open a new Ys Men Club in Gjakova and finalize the new charter in October 2017. They also had a meeting about the camp and give us very useful suggestions and learn about our plan and the way forward.

7. YMCA Frost Valley camp visit

We had for a visit in Kosovo the director of YMCA Frost Valley who visited our YMCA and offered training for our staff and volunteers on how to run the camp.


After the political instability we have decided to buy the land of the camp so after 99 years the camp that is founded by the Ys Men region Denmark will continue to work and will be a property owned by the YMCA in Kosovo.

We are in the process of purchasing the land. We have the program for activities; we have been sending our staff to trainings and are ready to build the camp.

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